FS-2D Electric 2 Row Coin Sorter

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FS-2D Electric 2 Row Coin Sorter

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Very happy with purchase Review by Concerned Mother, April 29, 2013, Amazon.com
"I replaced a previous coin sorter with this one. I love that it keeps track of the amount of coins I feed it. Very easy to keep my records accurate." (Posted on 5/10/13)
Great Review by L. Swift "manager", March 28, 2013, Amazon.com
"I bought this for my son and now I think I will get my self one. It works very fast and easy for younger children to help." (Posted on 5/10/13)
Great Machine Review by Nancy Jones "Hoosier Housewife", February 18, 2013
"Great way to wrap up your lose change. It sorts and grabs much better than the cheapie models. This is a good machine and worth the money." (Posted on 5/10/13)
Coin Sorter Review by C. Hart, February 6, 2013, Amazon.com
"This coin sorter works fine. Although at times the coin count can be off by a few coins. Overall this is a good product." (Posted on 5/10/13)
Coolest product ever Review by keith m zielinksi, February 4, 2012, Amazon.com
"My daughter and I counted $471 in change which made it much cheaper to buy the machine than use coinstar. Only had a couple jams because there was wax and fun factory tokens mixed in the change jar. Jams were easy to clear though." (Posted on 5/10/13)
very good coin sorter Review by Kimberly Ann "Kimber", January 31, 2013, Amazon.com
"i tried another coin sorter first, it put pennies in every slot - so then i tried this one. you should not overload the machine, but they tell you not to in the directions. follow the directions - then this machine works really well. i like it" (Posted on 5/10/13)
Coin sorter Review by Peg "Gift Giver", December 9, 2012, Amazon.com
"This is very well made. I love using it. The only bad thing is that if you unplug it or lose power, there goes your total. But that's not that important to me. It's more important that it sorts it well and this does. Plus it tells you which roll is full and won't take anymore coins. I really am glad I got this for my husband. He has change all the time." (Posted on 5/10/13)
It does the job Review by Yoshi Ayarane, September 19, 2012, Amazon.com
"I bought this sorter for my mother, who had bowls and bowls of pennies and change scattered around the master bedroom that she needed to wrap up because the cats were swatting the coins around.

It's a simple device. You plug it in, flip the power switch on the backside and press the run button to start up the sorting engine. It makes a... rhythmic ticking sound while awaiting your handfuls of coins (yes, handfuls-- you don't want to overload) and almost instantly spits said coins back out into either of two rows of plastic tubes that hopefully you inserted the bundled (or otherwise acquired) preformed coin wrappers into. Note that it may sometimes misfire and so it would help to have a bowl in front to catch any stray coins. When the machine reaches the supposed limit of that tube's monetary valuation, it will pause so you can change out the tube and push/pull the rack to resume the sorting process.

The machine has a display that informs you the accumulated value of all those coins you fed it, as well as why it's stopped (such as having filled a tube). Although resistant to jams, fortunately it provides a way of getting inside the machine to liberate any strays: a screw-controlled hatch on the upper-backside.

Note that it will only accept US currency, and excludes the dollar coins.

Aside from the occasional misfire, the only complaint I have is that the sorter engine is a little loud. Considering it handles coins, I should expect SOME noise, but this one is unusually noisy even when idling. It is otherwise an adequate sorter." (Posted on 5/10/13)
My husband loves it! Review by R. Billie Hawkins, June 12, 2012, Amazon.com
So, I have read a few of the 'negative' reviews on this site, and I have to tell you, they are the minority. This thing works great. It counts, sorts, and fixes itself quick and easy.

Sorts accurately
Slightly muffled, so not as noisy as others
AC powered for real power (battery powered versions are terrible)

If you turn it off, it forgets the count
Only 2 tubes for each change type makes it slow (but ok if you are rolling your own change) (Posted on 5/10/13)
Excellent Item, as Advertised Review by Deekal, April 6, 2012, Amazon.com
"This is an excellent coin sorter. I have had a few that never worked correctly, this one works as advertised. I am happy" (Posted on 5/10/13)

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